Westminster Investigative Consultants, LLC - Fraud and Forensic Accounting Specialists
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About Us

There is a pervasive need in our society for the resources to combat the fraudulent activities of unscrupulous predators who are costing society billions of dollars annually. We at Westminster bring our expertise to your organization in the prevention and detection of fraud, as well as providing businesses with the expertise that builds efficiency and effectiveness within those organizations. Our firm is a tremendous global resource for economic growth and protection of the assets which create that growth.

Westminster Investigative Consultants joins the education, experience, and expertise of accountants and business professionals with over 150 years of combined experience. Our management team and staff is a highly qualified group of individuals who have the experience and education to meet the needs of our clients in combating fraud and providing business consulting services to the public and private sectors.

Our Vision

Sustainable growth and prosperity for the company and its partners comes from:

  • Being a global leader in the fight against fraud;
  • Maximizing service opportunities while providing the highest level of professional performance and advice to our clients;
  • Fostering a win-win business environment that is based on mutual business growth;
  • Establishing a team-based work environment where all employees are valued and encouraged to learn new skills and excel;
  • Providing society with the resources to protect and defend itself from the ravages of unscrupulous predators; and,
  • Sharing our expertise with others in an educational environment so that our global society benefits from increased awareness and an expanding group of advocates.
Our Mission

"Unwavering commitment to the prevention and detection of fraud and providing business advice that builds effectiveness and efficiency in order to grow and protect our clients' assets as well as benefit society as a whole both in the United States and abroad."